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wrk_topview.jpg (7702 bytes)This is a collection of photographs taken during the Ballard expeditions.  The photographs were cut and assembled to give a top view of the wreck.
wrk_art.jpg (14723 bytes)This is an artists rendering of how the bow section of the wreck looks.   As you can see, the devastation is severe.
wrk_hull1.jpg (12675 bytes)Here is another view of the bow section, you can see that the back part was severely damaged in the break up of the ship, and probably more so on impact with the sea floor.
wrk_strn2.jpg (33617 bytes)Here you see the stern section.  This is the place where 1500 people held on for their lives, as the Titanic sank.  Experts feel the reason for the utter destruction, of the stern, came from a combination of implosion and the impact with the sea floor.  The implosion would have occured as the stern sank.  It would not have been filled with water, as the bow was, so as pressure increased, the implosion occured. The rear of the stern section is facing the bow section on the sea floor, and sits almost 2000 feet away from the bow.
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