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Below you will find what has been added to this site since I put it online, if you would like to be added to my e-mail update list, please e-mail me at titanicmaster@april151912.com with a subject of KEEP ME UPDATED.

Added the ability to order to any of the resources used on this site from Amazon.com.
Added five new resources to the Credits page.

The Construction and Accommodations Pages added.
Site search capabilities added.

The Facts? page partially completed and uploaded

Chat room added, hosted by www.beseen.com. See Information page for details.
Improved Navigation bar at the bottom of the pages.

Added Kim's view on salvage of artifacts from the wreck.  Go to the Discovery portion under controversy.

Web Site Information page was added.
E-mail discussion group was created and is hosted by www.onelist.com. See Information page for details.

The following topics were added to the Ship area: The Reconstruction, The Builders, The Company, and The Sea Trials.
1 source added to the credits page.
The Ship area was reorganized into different categories.

Titanic Trivia section added.

Jennifer Carter's Summary added to the Discovery section.
Credits Page updated with 4 new resources.

Lifeboats section added - This is where you can click on a lifeboat and see who was on board and when it was lowered
Over 120 pictures added to the Movie section.  (Approx. 80 throughout the script, the rest in the Scene Gallery)
Correct spelling error to name on Passenger List.
This page has been added.
1 image added to the artifacts gallery.

Credits Page was reorganized and new resources added
Cargo Manifest was added

Crew List Added

Passenger List added

Making of Movie added
Making of Movie Scene Gallery added.

www.april151912.com went online.







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