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1. How many times did Frederick Fleet ring the bell, in the Crow's Nest, when he saw the iceberg

2. What does in mean when a lookout rings the bell the number of times Fleet did?  

3. Which way do you turn the wheel, when doing a Hard a Starboard, on the Titanic?  

4. Who was the Captain of the Californian

5. What was Captain Smith's passion

6. What stateroom did Thomas Andrews occupy

7. What is the quickest route from one end of the ship to the other

8. What was the name of the painting that decorated the First Class Smoking Room?  

9. Which lifeboat was the first to be launched

10. At what time did the first Titanic passenger board the Carpathia

11. Who was the first passenger to board the Carpathia

12. How many rockets did the Titanic fire

13. Which two boats were left in the water, not going to the Carpathia, and why?  

14. What was the last lifeboat to reach the Carpathia

15. What time did the last lifeboat reach the Carpathia

16. How many lifeboats did the Carpathia take to New York

17. Where were the Titanic's lifeboats stored on the Carpathia

18. What happened to the lifeboats not brought on board the Carpathia

19. How much did Titanic weigh

20. What was Titanic's displacement

21. How long was Titanic

22. How wide was Titanic

23. How far was it from the waterline to the Titanic's Boat Deck

24. How tall was Titanic, from Keel to the top of the funnels

25. How many of Titanic's women crew members perished

26. Who was the first passenger to board Titanic

27. What was the name of the ship that nearly collided with the Titanic, as it left Southampton

28. What was the name of the newspaper that was produced on the Titanic

29. What was Titanic's call letters

30. How many life jackets did Titanic have on board

31. What was the maximum capacity of all the lifeboats

32. What officer fired three shots in the air to keep people from jumping into a boat as it was being lowered

33. How cold was the water the night the Titanic sank

34. How long did baker, Charles Joughin, last in the water, before being pulled onto the overturned collapsible B

35. Who was the last survivor to climb aboard the Carpathia

36. What was the date Dr. Robert Ballard found the Titanic

37. What was the name of the Texas millionaire that had three expeditions to find the Titanic, all of which were unsuccessful

38. What was the name of the deep tow imaging machine that Dr. Robert Ballard use to find the Titanic?

39. What was the date that Ballard's expedition, to dive to the Titanic in a submersible, arrive at the site of the Titanic?

40. What was the name of the submersible that Ballard used to dive to Titanic?

41. What was the name of the robot vehicle used by Ballard to go inside the wreck?  

42. What were the names of the Titanic's two sister ships?

43. How many compartments could be flooded and the Titanic still float?

44. How many consecutive weeks was Titanic the number one film in the country?

45. How many days did it take to build the Fox Baja Studio, where Titanic was filmed?

46. What actor in James Cameron's Titanic played Lawrence Beesley in the movie S.O.S. Titanic?

47. How long was the set used in James Cameron's Titanic?

48. How many takes did Cameron film of the Grand Staircase flooding?

49. Of the 14 Academy Award nominations, what were the three that didn't win?

50. What was the date of Cameron's first dive to the wreck of the Titanic?