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The Grand Staircase is one of the many defining characteristics of the Titanic that made her the most luxurious liner of her day.  To travel in first class, it would cost you over $4000, which in today's dollars would be around $50,000. Second class on the Titanic was as luxurious as first class on most other ships of the day, and third class was better than the immigrants had ever traveled.  She was a floating palace, one that has not be duplicated to this day.  Below you will find information on the  construction and you will find several photos of the ship.


The Construction - See the ship from the beginning stages up until she was ready to sail.

The Accommodations - See some of the lavish interiors of the ship.  Some photos were from the Titanic's sister, the Olympic, since there was not a lot of time to take photos of the Titanic.

The Sea Trials - This section will give you some of the facts about Titanic's sea trials.

The Reconstruction - Here you will find out some information about some of the replica ships that are being built.

The Company - Here you will find a brief history of the White Star Line.

The Builders - Here you will find a brief history of Harland & Wolff.

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