Thomas Andrews Trans-Atlantic Line

This company plans on producing a replica that closely resembles the original.  They plan on limiting the total capacity to 1800 (900 passengers & 900 crew), so they would not have to increase the number of lifeboats by too many.  Prices expected to be less than $10,000 for all classes.  They plan on having Harland & Wolff build the ship and for it to be finished for April 15, 1912.

Nostalgia Cruise Lines

This company plans on building a 980 foot, 80,000 ton cruise liner and would have design elements from the Titanic.  There would be five classes of accommodations and only the first class cabins would be replicated.  The cost would range from $3000 to $8700 for an Atlantic crossing.

Titanic 2012

This company plans to build an exact replica, with only exception being necessary modernizations, to set sail in April, 2012.  They hope to have Harland & Wolff construct the ship and it will be used for trans Atlantic and other voyages and to be used as a museum, when not carrying passengers.  They claim the prices will be reasonable for all.

Titan Development Corporation

This company plans on building an exact replica ship to be on a lake that would have a resort and convention center surrounding it.  There would be a Titanic museum, and would probably be located in Georgia.

Titanic II

Plan to build a series of replica, including Titanic, Olympic, and Britanic.  Harland & Wolff is supposed to build them and they are to set sail in 2002 or 2012.  Ticket prices range from $5000 to $60,000.

Titanic 2

Appears that Nodwell, the person heading up this idea, is claiming the South African project (RMS Titanic Shipping Holding Ltd.) is his idea.  Expected to sail in 2002.

Project Titanic

This group plans on building a modern replica of Titanic for transatlantic travel.  Will be redesigned to allow larger third class cabins and will have smaller smoking rooms.  Intended to sail in April, 2012.

Red Star Lines

This idea has been scraped, now there is 11.