Currently there are around twelve companies planning on building replicas of the Titanic.  Most of them will never happen, but there is a good chance that the first two may.  On these pages you will find a description of the companies:
S.S. Titan Ltd.
P.O. Box 11848
St. Paul, Minnesota 55111-0848
(612) 866-5026  Fax (612) 866-4089

A company formed in April, 1998 to build a replica of the Titanic.  They are financing the ship by selling t-shirts, mugs, etc.  They plan on having Harland and Wolff build the ship, with plans for it to begin sailing in late 2002.  The S.S. Titan will be over 1075 feet long and 122 feet wide, making her the largest liner on the water.  The cost to sail on her will be $1912 or less, depending on your accommodations.  They will conduct tours for $45.

RMS Titanic Shipping Holdings (Pty) Ltd.
129 Rigel Avenue
Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria South Africa 0181
(+27) 12 46 1329  Fax (+27) 12 46 1316

This company plans on building an exact replica ship to set sail in August, 2000.  The differences will be, this ship will conform to all modern day standards and all modern conveniences will be aboard.  The ship will be built in South Africa and will cost $30,000 for a third class cabin and possibly as much as $380,000 for "Imperial class".

The Gigantic Project

This project appears to be on hold because of the announcement from the RMS Titanic Shipping Holdings company.  There estimated date for sailing was in 2012.  Not much more information is available.

White Star Lines Ltd.

This company plans to build a replica ship to sail on the 90th anniversary in 2002.  It will be used for one UK-US-UK trip, then it will be converted to a cruise ship.  Ticket pricing is reported between $10,000 and $100,000.

White Star Lines Foundation

This non-profit organization is planning to build an "Olympic class steamer" to use as a floating museum.  If they can get permission to sail it to it's final resting place, without meeting the safety standards of today, it is very possible this could be as close to an exact replica as possible.  They plan on having it built at Harland & Wolff and finished by April 15, 2012.