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This passenger list was taken directly from Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy.  The list was compiled by American Titanic researcher Michael A. Findlay.  Given are each passenger's full name, place of residence and intended destination, where known; age at the time of the disaster, class, port of embarkment, and lifeboat number, where known.  Name in italics denote those saved.
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Abbing, Mr Anthony 42 3rd Southampton
Abbott, Master Eugene Joseph East Providence, RI 13 3rd Southampton
Abbott, Mr. Rossmore Edward East Providence, RI 16 3rd Southampton
Abbott, Mrs. Stanton (Rosa) East Providence, RI 35 3rd Southampton A
Abelseth, Miss Anna Karen Norway to Los Angeles, CA 16 3rd Southampton 16
Abelseth, Mr. Olaus Perkins County, SD 25 3rd Southampton A
Abelson, Mr. Samuel Russia to New York, NY 30 2nd Cherbourg
Abelson, Mrs. Samuel (Anna) Russia to New York, NY 28 2nd Cherbourg 12
Abraham, Mrs. Joseph (Sophie Easu) Greensburg, PA 18 3rd Cherbourg
Abrahamsson, Mr. August Taalintehdas, Finland to Hoboken, NJ 20 3rd Southampton 15
Adahl, Mr Mauritz Nils Martin Asarum, Sweden to Brooklyn, NY 30 3rd Southampton
Adams, Mr John Bournemouth, England 26 3rd Southampton
Ahlin, Mrs. Johanna Persdotter Sweden to Akeley, MN 40 3rd Southampton
Ahmed, Mr Ali 24 3rd Southampton
Aijo-Nirva, Mr Isak Finland to Sudbury, ON 41 3rd Southampton
Aks, Mrs Sam (Leah Rosen) London to Norfolk, VA 18 3rd Southampton 13
Aks, Master Philip London to Norfolk, VA 10m 3rd Southampton 11
Aldworth, Mr Charles Augustus Bryn Mawr, PA 30 2nd Southampton
Alexander, Mr William England to Albion, NY 23 3rd Southampton
Alhomaki, Mr Ilmari Rudolf Salo, Finland to Astoria, OR 20 3rd Southampton
Ali, Mr William Argentina 25 3rd Southampton
Allen, Miss Elisabeth Walton St Louis, MO 29 1st Southampton 2
Allen, Mr William Henry Lower Clapton, Middlesex, England 35 3rd Southampton
Allison, Miss Helen Loraine Montreal, PQ/Chesterville, ON 2 1st Southampton
Allison, Mr Hudson Josua Creighton Montreal, PQ/Chesterville, ON 30 1st Southampton
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