nght2rmbr_vdo.jpg (26444 bytes)A Night To Remember (1958)

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER treats in brilliant, semi-documentary style the night of April 14, 1912, when the luxury liner Titanic struck an iceberg and sank, taking 1,513 passengers and crew members (out of a total complement of 2,224 on board) to the bottom of the ocean on on the fifth day of her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. Although Kenneth More is ostensibly the star, this multi-layered production boasts more than 200 speaking parts. Sticking pretty closely to the facts, Baker and Ambler have constructed a startling drama, uncluttered by fictional sub-plots. Made for a mere $1,680,000, A NIGHT TO REMEMBER looks much more expensive, with superb costumes and sets. Though far superior to Fox's TITANIC of 1953, this critically acclaimed film met with only lukewarm box-office support.







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Marc's Comments:

This is an excellent movie, often praised for it's accuracy.  There are some glarring errors in this movie, although not all of them were known at the time the movie was made.  One error is they christen the Titanic, this did not happen, White Star Line never christened their boats, they just sent them off.  The second error is they show the ship sinking in one piece, although it was not confirmed until the discovery of the wreck in 1985, although many survivors also claimed they saw it break apart.  I would rate this movie at 4 stars.

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