The Chambermaid on the Titanic (1997)

 The love I lost

Not a sleazy attempt to cash in on TITANIC fever, but a feverish romantic fantasy from Spanish director Bigas Luna, who specializes in erotically tinged tales of love and obsession. Small-town foundry worker Horty (Olivier Martinez) wins a grueling annual contest, and his reward is a lavish trip to see the Titanic's maiden departure from Southampton. It was meant to be a trip for two, but Horty's scheming boss, who plans to make a play for his employee's beautiful wife Zoe (Romaine Bohringer), withholds that bit of information and sends Horty off alone. While in Southampton, Horty meets the beautiful Marie (Aitana Sanchez Gijon), who says she's been engaged to work as a chambermaid on the luxury liner but has nowhere to stay until it sails: She spends the night in his lavish hotel room (he sleeps demurely in a chair), and disappears the next day. He's left with nothing but memories and a souvenir photo of Marie taken by a dockside photographer. Once home, Horty spins the tale of their brief encounter into an epic, erotic, fairy-tale encounter (more erotic with each subsequent telling), charming his friends and infuriating Zoe. When word of the Titanic's sinking arrives, Horty's tales take on an irresistible aura of doomed romance, and his fame as a storyteller begins to spread. Ultimately, the Titanic recedes into the background and Horty's longing for a grand passion comes to the fore, a delicate sleight of hand that Luna handles with breathtaking grace. A haunting, offbeat film from a filmmaker whose work deserves to be better known in the U.S. -- Maitland McDonagh

orig. title:
Country of origin:
France; Italy; Spain
Romance; Historical
Color or b/w:
Production Co(s).:
UGC/YM; La Sept; France 2 Cinema; Rodeo Drive; Erato Films; Mate Production; Tornasol Films; Westdeutscher Rundfunk
Released by:
Samuel Goldwyn Company
MPAA rating:
Parental rating:
Cautionary; some scenes objectionable
Running time:



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I have not seen this movie.

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