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James Cameron's movie Titanic has taken me and rest of the world by storm.  It's a compelling love story, set in a historically accurate set of circumstances, that keeps you riveted to your seat for three hours and fifteen minutes.  Never before have I paid to see a movie, in the theater, four times.  The chemistry between the major cast members, Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack), Kate Winslet (Rose), Billy Zane (Cal), Kathy Bates (Molly Brown) and Gloria Stuart (Old Rose), makes this movie rival the likes of Gone With The Wind for the title of best classic movie.  Titanic had over ten consecutive weekends grossing over $20 million, 15 consecutive weeks at number one movie in ticket sales (both new records), and has taken over Star Wars, domestically, and Jurassic Park, world wide as the number one money making film in history.  I am not going to tell the story, one because I could never tell it as well as James Cameron could, two because you have all seen the movie and know the story, and three because I have a copy of the script posted on this site, and you can read it for yourself. 

Below you will find links to various things related to the movie:

The Script - This is the original script that James Cameron wrote.  You will notice as you go through it, that certain parts differ slightly from what you have seen in the movie, as well as some scenes that were cut from the movie.  I have made it come more alive by including pictures of various scenes in their appropriate places throughout the script. (over 80 pictures)

The Making of The Movie - In this area you will find a description of how the movie was made.  At the end of the article, it will take you to the Making of the Movie Scene Gallery.  This is only a fraction of what is available on the making, I would suggest buying either James Cameron's Titanic or the Titanic and the Making of James Cameron which outlines the entire process.

The Making of the Movie Scene Gallery - Here you will find a large collection of pictures that show how the movie was made.

Scene Gallery - In this area you will find many pictures from various scenes in the movie.  Very few will be duplicated from those in the script, so even if you don't have time to read all of the script, at least go through and look at the pictures. To go directly to the pictures added 12/11/98, click here.

Character Match - Here you will see a brief description of each character, their picture, and if they were a historical character, you will see a picture of the real person.  You will notice that James Cameron did an excellent job of casting actors that look very similar to their real life character.

Absolution - This is an excellent follow up to the movie, written by a fan of James Cameron's Titanic.  All 27 chapters are finished and it is well worth the read.  Click Here for another site that has other fan stories.

Other Movies - This section gives you a summary of some of the other Titanic movies that have been made.

Click here to see a collage of Titanic pictures assembled and designed to be used as a background. If you would like to get this, just right click on the image and select save as.

Click here to go to the home page of Gaelic Storm, the steerage band that played in the movie.

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