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On this page you will find an overhead view of the ship.  You can click on any lifeboat on the ship and on the right side of the screen, you will see who was in the boat, as well as get some other information about the lifeboats.  The boats are numbered as follows, odd numbers on the starboard side (right), even number on the port side (left), from bow to stern.  Boats number one and two are hanging in the davits, over the side of the ship, collapsables C & D are just inside boats one and two.  Collapsables A & B are on top of the officers' quarters, one either side of funnel number one.  To see the survivors, that we do not know which boat they were in, click on the anchor at the front of the boat.


Click on the boat you want to see


The information for these pages were taken from three different sources, so there is a possibility that there may be some duplication of names or names associated with different boats than they are on the passenger list pages.  The three sources are: Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy, The Wall Chart of the Titanic and James Cameron's Titanic Explorer.