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The Titanic is a legend, living on from one event to another.  Whether it is the tragedy itself, the books that tell the vivid tale, movies made about the ship, or the discovery of this grand ship, the saddness and the memory of Titanic will go on in the hearts of those that have been moved by her story.  In this section of the web site, you will find information on how Titanic was found, see pictures of the wreck, hear about the controversy of retrieving artifacts, and see pictures of some of the artifiacts.  I recently had the opportunity to visit an exhibition of some of the artifacts collected, at the Florida International Museum, in St. Petersburg, FL.  The way they had the exhibit laid out, and the way they told the story, to me, was more moving than the vivid imagery used in Cameron's film Titanic.  If you get a chance, and you want to bring the Titanic to life, I highly recommend visiting an exhibit.  And if you have the money, and are brave enough, go visit the wreck itself.  I would love to see it first hand, but I don't think anything could prepare you to handle the experience, it would definitely be very emotional.


The Discovery - Find out how Dr.Robert Ballard discovered the Titanic, which had been a dream of his for almost two decades.

Jennifer Carter's Summary - This is a brief summary, written by Jennifer, telling what it was like to be part of three different expeditions.  To find out more, pick up her book, Titanic Adventure: One Woman's True Life Voyage Down to the Legendary Ocean Liner.

The Wreck - Explore the wreck with a full collection of pictures and movies from the several expeditions that have been taken to Titanic.

The Controversy - Get my point of view on the salvage of artifacts from the Titanic.

The Artifacts - See some of the artifacts that have been brought back and put on display for the public to see.

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