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The unsinkable Titanic was fatally wounded over a total of 12 square feet, about the size of a refrigerator.  Although it was not the size of the damage, as much as how she was damaged.  When the Titanic struck the iceberg, it popped rivets and buckled the steel plates for about 300 feet.  It was not a gash as originally thought, it was simply little holes and popped rivets.  The length of the damage was enough to flood the first five compartments, which ultimately meant her doom.  The Titanic could float with any two consecutive compartments flooded or even with the first four compartments flooded, but not five.   Please visit the following pages to see more on the disaster.

Unfortunately only some of the links on this page are available, as I am still reading about the disaster and have not had the time to start summarizing the events as of yet.   As soon as I have these pages done, they will be uploaded for your pleasure.   If you would like to be updated when this site changes, please e-mail me, with the subject of Keep Me Updated.

The Passengers - A complete list of the passengers aboard the Titanic.  Included is their names, whether or not they survived, the approximate age at the time, class, residence, where they embarked from, and what boat they were in.  (This information was taken directly from Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy).

The Crew - Here you will find a complete list of crew members aboard the ship, their position, and whether they were saved or not.

The Story - Here you will find a very detailed account of what happened on that dreaded night.  The information was retrieved from quite of few books and summarized for this site.  If you would like to see the materials used in my research, click on the credits link at the bottom of this page.

The Aftermath - Here you will find out a little about the investigations held by the U.S. Senate and by the British government.

The Facts? - Here you will find some of the controversial aspects of the night, as well as what I believe and why.  Some examples are: Was it a gash?, Did an officer really shoot himself?, Could the Californian have reached the Titanic to save any more people?, etc.

The Cargo - Here you will find a list of what was on board the Titanic.

The Lifeboats - Here you will find a picture taken from the viewpoint of looking down on the Titanic.  You will be able to click on the lifeboats and get list of who was on board as well as an estimated time it was lowered.

Trivia - In this section you can test your knowledge of the Titanic.

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