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Here you will find a complete list of the crew members on the Titanic.  You will see their name, occupation and whether they were saved or lost.  This information was taken from the book, Titanic Fortune & Fate.
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E. Abbott Pantryman Lost
C. Abraham Fireman Lost
R. Adams Fireman Lost
P. Ahier Saloon Steward Lost
J. Akerman Assistant Pantryman Lost
A. Akerman Steward Lost
F. Allan Lift Attendent Lost
R. Allan Bedroom Steward Lost
B. Allaria Assistant Waiter Lost
E. Allen Trimmer Saved
E. Allen Scullion Lost
H. Allen Fireman Lost
A.S. Allsop Junior Electrician Lost
F. Allsop Saloon Steward Lost
J. Anderson Assistant Boatswain Saved
W. Anderson Bedroom Steward Lost
C. Andrews Assistant Steward Saved
E. Archer Assistant Boatswain Saved
A. Ashcroft Clerk Lost
H. Ashe G.H. Steward Lost
G. Aspelagi Assistant Plateman Lost
J. Avery Trimmer Saved
E. Ayling Assistant Vegetable Cook Lost
C. Back Assistant Attendant Lost
A. Baggott Saloon Steward Lost
E. Bagley Saloon Steward Lost
G. Bailey Saloon Steward Lost
G.W. Bailey Fireman Lost
W. Bailey Master-at-Arms Saved
Rich Baine Greaser Lost
Percy Ball Plate Washer Saved
W. Ball Fireman Lost
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