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ttnc_2pck.jpg (12615 bytes)Title: Titanic Two Pack

Publisher: Brentwood Home Video, ISBN 1-57119-665-X

Copyright 1997




Two Tape set:

Titanic: A gripping reenactment of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.   Personal dramas are interwoven in thish classic late twenties theatrical production.  The danger, despair and courage of various passengers and crew are effectively protrayed by and excellent cast.

The Titanic Tragedy: The most comprehensive account ever compiled on the Titanic.  Visit Harland adn Wolff shipbuilders in Belfast where this luxurious ship was built.  Watch as we retrace the terrible maiden voyage and learn about the high society guests on board.  share the horror at this pinnacle of man's ambitions and skill begins its doomed voyage of tragedy and death.


I have to say this is the worst set of tapes I have purchased on the Titanic, the movie is downright horrible, I could not even watch the whole thing, and the documentary is mediocre.  I don't dispair too much because it was cheap.

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