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ttnc_mysleg.jpg (12635 bytes)Title: Titanic: The Mystery & The Legacy

Publisher: Madacy Entertainment, ISBN 0-7786-0075-0

Copyright 1998




This is a 5 DVD set, it contains the following programs:

Echoes of Titanic: A Fascinationg collection of interviews, recollections, and documentary information about the fateful maiden voyage of the Titanic, and how it touched people's lives.  This captivating video collection investigateds the contemporary importance of the story of the Titanic, and the effects it has had on the lives of the many individuals still living.  Walter Lord - author of "A Night To Remember" recalls some 26 stories survivors related to him personally and Eva Hart gives her own account of the events of April 14th-15th, 1912.  The Titanic tragedy represented, in its own right, the end of an era of arrogance and social discrimination in sea travel.  Yet the controversy of why so many lives were lost is still being scrutinized and argued about, and we still cannot supply the answers.

Titanic Remembered: This video investigates the legend that is "The Titanic", with fascinating facts, memorabilia and personal recollections of the great ship.  There are contributions from survivors and from relatives of others on board - some who survived, some who went down.  At Colne, Lancashire - birthplace of the ship's famous bandleader Wallace Hartley, we hear genuine 1912 commemorative music played by the "Titanic Ensemble".  Previously unseen material, untold stories, rare collector's items - plus interviews with many experts and enthusiasts combine to tell us and show us the importance of remembering the Titanic.

Edward J. Smith, The Captain of the Titanic: The Titanic is still "news" - several decades after the world's finest and largest ship struck an iceberg and sank o nits maiden voyage in April 1912.  The events of that fateful voyage are told through dramatized contemporary accounts.  These are enhanced by extensive interview with survivor Miss Eva Hart M.B.E., who was a girl of 7 at the time.   This is not only the story of that great tragedy, but also of Edward John Smith - a ptter's son - who rose from the backstreets of Hanley, Strok-on-Trent, to become the country's premier sea captain.

Titanic: End of an Era: Using the best available photographs, original graphics and archive film, we follow the events of the Titanic's tragic maiden voyage.   This is complemented by contemporary footage in New York, London and Southampton (form where she set sail on April 10th, 1912).  Author Walter Lord ("A Night To Remember") rekindled interest in the 'forgotten' Titanic after the Second World War.   Hear, he and Bill McQuitty who was later to produce his outstanding British Titanic file "A Night To Remember", add their own comments and help us to understand why this was no ordinary shipwreck - it was the "end of an era!"

The Mystery & The Legacy: What led to the tragic loss of the ship they called "Unsinkable" - excessive confidence in technology, astonishing bad luck, fate?  This captivating feature-packed video draws on a variety of fascinating sources to answer that question.  Experts in ship design and construction, marine archeology and sea ice offer intriguing professional insights into Titanic's life and death.  Was the great ship doomed from the start?  The colorful world of seafarers superstition is explored as it touches on Titanic's story.  Premonitions and an early accurate work of fiction preceeded the fateful voyage.

These five documentaries provide a lot of information.  On each DVD you have Trivia questions, Biographies, and information on the ship.  A worth wild addition to your collection.

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