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ttnc_ae.jpg (14683 bytes)Title: Titanic

Publisher: A&E Television Networks

Copyright 1994

Produced by: Greystorne Communications, Inc. in association with A&E Network
Executive Producers: Craig Haffner and Donna E. Lusitana
Producer, Director and Writer: Melissa Peltier
A&E Programming Executive: Michael Cascio


Two programs are on this DVD (or 4 Videos):

Death of a Dream: She was the pride of the White Star Line, Nichnamed "The Wonder Ship" and the "Millionaire's Special" the Titanic's size and luxury were unprecedented.  So was her passenger list: John Jacob Astor, perhaps the richest man in the world; Mr. and Mrs. Staus, founders of Macy's department store.   At the helm would be the White Star's best, Captain Edward J. Smith, making his last voyage before retirement.

On April 10, 1912 in a gala sendoff that made headlines, the Titanic steams out of Southampton, England, bound for New York.  Over the next four days, wireless operator Jack Phillips, just 22-years old, receives several notices of icebergs ahead.   At 11:40pm, April 14, 1912, the hulking ship sideswipes an iceberg 400 miles off the coast of Newfoundland.  To the shock of all on board, the "Unsinkable Ship" begins to go down.

The Legend Lives On: As the massive ship sinks in the icy North Atlantic, Captain Edward J. Smith orders the lifeboats readied.  With room for only half the passengers, they fill quickly with women and children.  White distress flares are fired into the night.  SOS signals are sent. Yet, only one ship responds.   It is 58 miles away.  Why didn't nearby ships reply?  Why were there so few lifeboats? Why were the iceberg warnings ignored?

Almost 75 years after the fateful night, explorer Dr. Robert Ballard descends 13,000 feet beneath the waves in a tiny submarine to view the wreckage of the Titanic.   On the murky ocean floor, he discovers answers to enduring mysteries surrounding the tragedy.  Today, the legend of hte might ship remains intact.  Once intended to be man's greatest achievement, the Titanic turned out to be his ultimate folly.


This is a must for the Titanic fan, whether you buy it on DVD or Video, I highly recommend it.

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