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Click here to order from Amazon.comTitle: The Night Lives On

Author: Walter Lord

Publisher: Avon Books, ISBN 0-380-73203-3 

Copyright 1986, 1987

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Unsinkable Subject
What's in a Name?
Legendary from the Start
Had Ships Gotten Too Big for Captain Smith?
"Our Coterie"
"Everything Was Against Us"
The Gash
"I Was Very Soft the Day I Signed That"
What Happened to the Goodwins?
Shots in the Dark
The Sound of Music
"She's Gone"
"The Electric Spark"
"A Certain Amount of Slackness"
Unlocking the Ocean's Secret Gleaning from the Testimony
Acknowledgments and Selected Sources

This book is an excellent follow up/companion to Walter Lord's first book, A Night to Remember.  In this book, Walter looks at some of the more obscure facts, and some of the controversial issues surrounding that night, like the final song, did an officer shoot himself, etc.  I highly recommend this book.

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