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Click here to order from Amazon.comTitle: A Night To Remember

Author: Walter Lord

Publisher: Bantam Books, ISBN 0-553-27827-4 (paperback), 0-606-01137-4 (hardback), 1-572-70047-5 (audio book - abridged), 0-786-11289-1 (audio book), 0-708-95874-5 (large print)

Holt, Rinehart & Winston edition published November 1955
Condensed in Reader's Digest January 1956
Book-of-the-Month Club edition published 1956
Bantam edition October 1956
Bantam reissue July 1997

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Another Belfast Trip
There's Talk of an Iceberg, Ma'am
God Himself Could Not Sink This Ship
You Go and I'll Stay a While
I Believe She's Gone, Hardy
That's the Way of It at This Kind of Time
There is Your Beatiful Nightdress Gone
It Reminds Me of a Bloomin' Picnic
We're Going North Like Hell
Go Away-We Have Just Seen Our Husbands Drown
Facts about the Titanic
Passenger List

This book is probably the best record, because of its accuracy, of what happened that night and a must for any collection.  This book is one of the primary sources used in compiling a story of the night.  Not only was this a successful book, it was also made into a movie.  The one fact mis-reported in this book is that Titanic sank in one piece, when we know now it didn't.

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