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Click to Order from Amazon.comTitle: The Discovery of the Titanic

Author: Dr. Robert D. Ballard

Publisher: Warner Books, ISBN 0-446-67-174-6 (paperback), 0-446-51-385-7 (hardback)

First edition 1987
First trade edition October 1995
Reprinted January 1998

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Search For A Legend
What Happened That Night
The Quest Begins
Watching From the Sidelines
Jason and the Argonauts
Titanic Found
Touring the Titanic
Last Resting Place
Titanic Reconsidered
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This is an excellent book that talks about the Ballard's desire to find the Titanic, where it started, the events that transpired before the discovery, and all about the discovery and return expedition, a year later.  I highly recommend this book for the Titanic enthusiast.  This book was the primary source for the discovery portion of this website.

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