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ng1285.jpg (10549 bytes)Title: National Geographic, December, 1985

Article/Author: How We Found Titanic by Robert D. Ballard in association with Jean-Louis Michel (starting page 696)

This article was written by the founder of the wreck, Robert Ballard, and gives an excellent account to how they found the wreck.  I do not know if you can order this issue still, but you can pick up the CD-ROM of the 80's issues and get both magazines, that is how I got my copies.



ng1286.jpg (11041 bytes)Title: National Geograhic, December, 1986

Article/Author: A Long Last Look at Titanic by Robert D. Ballard (starting page 698)

This article gives a wonderful account of the condition of the wreck, and shows some excellent pictures of the wreck.  I highly recommend you get your hands on this article.  For even more information on the discovery and expedition, read my summary of Ballards book The Discovery of the Titanic or pick up the book.

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