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Click here to order from Amazon.comTitle: The Titanic's Last Hero

Author: Moody Adams

Publisher: Olive Press, ISBN 0-937422-39-8

Copyright 1997

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1912 Preface
1. Going Out in a Blaze of Glory
2. The Making of a Hero
3. My Brother As I Knew Him
4. He Rose From the Ranks of the Working Man
5. He Could Not Live Without Souls Being Won
6. There Will Never Be Another
7. The Melting Earnestness and Intesity of the Man
8. A Brave Soldier on Flame for God
9. God Trusted Him to be the Titanic's Final Witness
10. An Overwhelming Vision
11. A Man of Tender Counsel and Encouragement
12. When He Spoke Souls Cried Out for Mercy
13. John Harper's Parting Text
14. His Strength Came Out of Weakness
15. John Harper Led My Wife and Me to Christ
16. A Drunkard Found Deliverance in Harper's Meeting
17. John Harper Was, To Me, a Father
18. Helpless Prodigal Owed Debt to John Harper
19. A "Deep-Dyed Sinner" is Cleansed
20. Harper Overcame Arms of Rebellion
21. Harper's Words Brought Deep Conviction
22. Harper Explained My Need For Christ
23. A Message By John Harper
24. Beautiful In the Morning
25. A Pattern For Christian Workers
26. Christ's Chosen Ones (Harper's outline)
27. Who Is the Fool? (Harper's outline)
28. Love To Be Remembered (Harper's outline)
29. So Great Salvation (Harper's outline)

This book is the story or John Harper, who made a lasting impact during the sinking of the Titanic.

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