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Click here to order from Amazon.comTitle: A Treasury of Titanic Tales

Author: Webb Garrison

Publisher: Rutledge Hill Press, ISBN 1-55853-658-2

Copyright 1999

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1. Harold Bride: Switched Signals
2. Guglielmo Marconi: Champion Lifesaver
3. Belfast: Behemoth!
4. Southampton: Bon Voyage
5. Smooth Sailing: A Sea of Glass
6. Day Five: Best Crossing Ever
7. The Collision: Blue Ice
8. Archibald Gracie: Fate at Work
9. Archibald Butt and Frank Millet: Damon and Pythias
10. John Jacob Astor: JJA or AV?
11. William Thomas Stead: A Last Crusade
12. Isidor and Ida Straus: Hand in Hand
13. Harry Widener: A Wish Fulfilled
14. Benjamin Guggenheim: Black Sheep
15. Maggie Brown: Unsinkable!
16. J. Bruce Ismay: Scapegoat
17. J. Piermont Morgan: Tapestries versus the Titanic
18. Very Early Monday: Women and Children First
19. Four Hours Plus: The Cruel Sea
20. Dawn for Some: The Carpathia
21. All the News That's Fit to Print: Facts and Fantasies
22. Pier Fifty-four: Agony and Ecstasy
23. Halifax: Mission Macabre
24. William A. Smith: Bully Pulpit!
25. Lord Mersey: A Bloody Whitewash
26. Aftermath: Raise the Titanic

This book looks at the various people and aspects of the ship and the disaster.

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