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Click here to order from Amazon.comTitle: Titanic Adventure: One Woman's True Life Voyage Down to the Legendary Ocean Liner

Author: Jennifer Carter & Joel Hirschhorn

Publisher: New Horizon Press, ISBN 0-88282-170-9

Copyright 1999

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Foreword by William F. Buckley, Jr.
1. Sea Connection
2. Broken Shell
3. The Sky Above, The Sea Below
4. Search for the Loch Ness Monster
5. Swimming with Sharks
6. Titanic Survivor
7. Death on the Majestic Explorer
8. Death, Love, and the Legendary Ship
9. Opportunity of a Lifetime
10. Buried Treasures
11. Mutiny
12. Clash at Sea
13. First Woman to the Titanic
14. Hurricane Hell
15. Mystery of the Titanic Safe
16. Rendezvous in St. Pierre
17. Sailing with the Enemy
18. Fog Bound
19. Who Loves Ya, Baby?
20. Party Time
21. Treasure and Treachery
22. Power Plays and Politics
23. Buckley's Dive
24. Misgivings
25. The Gaping Hole
26. Coming Home
27. Cover-up in Paris
28. Snake in the Garden
29. Titanica - A Return

This book couldn't have been written by a nicer person, I highly recommend you pick up a copy at your local bookstore.  Jennifer Carter, the author, has a feature in the Discovery section of the site, please check it out.



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