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Click here to order from Amazon.comTitle: The Story of the Titanic as Told By Its Survivors

Author: Compiled works of Lawrence Beesley, Archibald Gracie, Commander Lightoller, and Harold Bride, edited by Jack Winocour

Publisher: Dover Publications, ISBN 0-486-20610-6 (paperback), 0-844-63194-9 (hardback)

Copyright 1960

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Preface To Dover Edition
The Loss of the S.S. Titanic, Its Story and its Lessons  by Lawrence Beesley
The Truth About the Titanic  by Colonel Archibald Gracie
Titanic  by Commander Lightoller
Thrilling Tale By Titanic's Surviving Wireless Man  by Harold Bride

This book will give you accounts from four well known survivors of that night, highly recommended reading.  Archibald Gracie's account is the best survivor account I have read, Lawrence Beesley also does an excellent job of describing the events of that fateful night.

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