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Click here to order from Amazon.comTitle: Ken Marschall's Art of Titanic

Author: Text by Rick Archbold

Publisher: Hyperion/Madison Press, ISBN 0-7868-6455-9 

Copyright 1998

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Raising Titanic, Foreword by James Cameron
Finishing the Voyage, Ken Marschall's Titanic Art
Titanic Gallery, Plates and Commentaries
The Voyage Begins
At Sea
To the Lifeboats
The Maritime Artist
Acknowledgements, Credits

This book is more about Ken Marschall than it is about Titanic, but it shows and tells of his passion for the ship and the path he took to become the most famous painter of Titanic.  Ken Marschall had the pleasure of working with James Cameron on the set of Titanic as an advisor.  You will be amazed at the photo realistic painting Ken Marschall has done.  I highly recommend this book.

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