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Click here to order from Amazon.comTitle: The Titanic Disaster Hearings: The Official Transcripts of the 1912 Senate Investigation

Author: US Senate, Edited by Tom Kuntz

Publisher: Pocket Books, ISBN 0-671-02553-8 (paperback), 0-787-11785-4 (audio book - abridged)

Copyright 1998

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Contents:(testimonies included for each day, in parenthesis)
First Day
(J. Bruce Ismay, Arthur Rostron, Charles Lightoller, Harold Cottam and Alfred Crawford)
Second Day
(Harold Bride)
Third Day
(Philip Franklin and Joseph Boxhall)
Fourth Day
(Herbert Pitman, Fredrick Fleet and Major Arthur Peuchen)
Fifth Day
(Harold Lowe, Charles Lightoller and Robert Hitchens)
Sixth Day
(Guglielmo Marconi, Frank Osman, George Hogg, Edward Buley, George Crowe, John Collins, Frederick Clench, Samuel Hemming and Frank Evans)
Seventh Day
(Ernest Gill, Stanley Lord and Cyril Evans)
Eighth Day
(James Moore, Andrew Cunningham, Frederick Ray and Henry Etches)
Nineth Day
(Frederick Sammis, Hugh Woolner and Joseph Boxhall)
Tenth Day
(J. Bruce Ismay, C. Henry Stengel, Col. Archibald Gracie and Helen Bishop)
Eleventh Day
(Mrs. J. Stuart White and John Bottomley)
Twelfth Day
(Daniel Buckley, George Harder, John R Binns and Olaus Abelseth)
Thirteenth Day
(Berk Pickard)
Fourteenth Day
(Maurice Farrell, A.H. Weikman, Harold Lowe and Mahala Douglas)
Fifteenth Day
(Emily Ryerson and Daisy Minahan)
Sixteenth Day
(Capt. John Knapp and George Smith)
Final Day
(E.J. Moore, Frederick Barrett, Imanita Shelley, Eleanor Widener and H.C. Wolfe)
List of Witnesses
Digest of Testimony

This book gives the key testimony from the U.S. Senate Hearings.  I started to read this book then stopped when I picked up "Titanic Disaster", which is the entire testimony.  This book is an affordable option to see what went on during the hearings.  Often dry reading, but in some instances funny because of the questions that were asked.

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