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amrcin_dec97.gif (7176 bytes)Title: American Cinematographer, December, 1997

All Hands on Deck by David E. Williams (starting page 30)
Captain of His Ship by David E. Williams (starting page 51)
Epic Effects Christen Titanic by Ron Magid (starting page 62)
Ship Building by Ron Magid (starting page 81)

The four articles in this magazine shed a great deal of light onto some of the technical issues involved in making a movie as visually stunning as James Cameron's Titanic.   All Hands on Deck looks at the Director of Photography, Russell Carpenter, and some of the methods he used to create some of the scenes.  Captain of His Ship is an interview with Director, James Cameron discussing cinematography, visual style, super 35, and the making of TitanicEpic Effects Christen Titanic looks at the special effects that Digital domain and others created that bring a never before seen realism to the Titanic story.  Ship Building looks at the models they used in the film.   Overall this is an excellent magazine and if you are interested in the technical side of things, I would suggest you pick it up.  You can order the issue from the publisher at

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